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Quilt designer?

Beyer, Jinny

Visit the online studio of world-famous quilt designer Jinny Beyer for information about new designs, fabrics, free patterns and a gallery of finished quilts.

Quilt designer?

Fallert, Caryl Bryer

Caryl Bryer Fallert is an award-winning quilt maker and designer. Ms. Fallert's web site spotlights her newest quilt designs, workshops and hand dyed fabrics.

Quilt designer?

Sullivan, Eileen

The Designers Workshop is Eileen Sullivan's showcase for her detailed foundation piecing patterns. Mail order information is provided.

Quilt designer?

Sienkiewicz, Elly

Elly Sienkiewicz is a popular author and designer of Baltimore Album quilts. Check her site for a teaching schedule and book information.

Quilt designer?

Doak, Carol

A pioneer in the technique of foundation paper piecing, Carol Doak offers information about her newest books, patterns and teaching schedule.

Quilt designer?

Becker, Joyce R.

Joyce R. Becker is an author and award-winning quilter specializing in landscape quilts. Visit her web site to see examples of past work and information about lectures and workshops.

Quilt designer?

Combs, Karen

Contemporary quilt artist and author, Karen Combs offers a gallery of her "Quilts of Illusion", patterns for sale, and isometric graph paper to aid in designing your own quilts.

Hawaiian quilting?

Root, Elizabeth

Visit Elizabeth Root's site to learn more about Hawaiian applique quilts. A simple Breadfoot pattern is available online as well as tips for successful applique.

Quilt designer?

Crow, Nancy

Contemporary quilt artist Nancy Crow offers a photographic gallery of quilts, workshops, fabrics and insight into her modern style of quilting.

Quilt designer?

Anderson, Alex

Alex Anderson, noted television quilt show host and author has a comprehensive site that includes 'Simply Quilts' information, free patterns, autographed book sales and a message board.

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