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Should I join a quilting group?

Join a Quilt Guild

If possible, every quilter should consider joining a local quilt guild. The chance to learn from other quilters is priceless and you will surely make some wonderful new friends.

Swap etiquette?

Swap Etiquette

Think carefully before signing up for a fabric or block swap. Are you sure that you can meet your obligation on time? Are your skills up to a challenging block? Don't sign up if you are not positive that you will be able to finish by the posted deadline.

Do quilters love cats, too?

Are You a Cat-Loving Quilter?

If you love cats as much as you love quilts, be sure to visit Judy Heim's Cats Who Quilt page. Included are cat stories, sources for cat fabrics, cat fabric swap information and links to online patterns containing cats.

How do I join an online quilting guild?


QuiltersBee is an Internet-based quilt guild. This large site contains tips for quilters, swap information, bulletin board, quilt poems and historical information. Donations are requested of members to help cover the cost of running the site and related email list.

Is there an email list for contemporary art quilts?


Quiltart is an Internet mailing list for quilters interested in innovative contemporary quilts.

Where can I find a chat room for quilters?


If you enjoying live chats with quilters, check out #QuiltChat. Be sure to carefully read the instructions for getting into the chat room and chat etiquette.

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