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Can I use my printer for fabric?

Print Your Own Quilt Labels

Bubble Jet Set is a specialized fabric treatment that allows you to use your ink jet printer to create quilt labels and other small printed motifs. Treated fabric is ironed onto a freezer paper stabilizer which can then be run through your printer.

How do I find free quilt block patterns online?

Searching for Quilt Block Patterns

The Internet really does offer a World Wide Web of free patterns and information for quilters. The simplest way to locate these items is to use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Enter a group of search terms such as "free quilt patterns" in the box provided and sit back and enjoy many hours of enjoyment.

How can I use my computer to design a quilt?

Use Your Computer as a Design Tool

A number of specialized computer software packages are available to assist you in quickly designing original quilt blocks and quilt settings. Check the 'Links' area for official web sites and demonstration programs you can download.

What are some good online resources for quilting?

Great Online Quilting Sites

Here is a list of some great quilting-related web sites you can visit. Hope you get as much out of them as I have:

WorldWide Quilting Page
This site isn`t the prettiest out there, but it does offer some great information. Check it out at:

Quilting at
This site is run by Susan Druding, and is chock-full of great advice, articles, and even a quilting forum so you can make new quilting friends online.

Kaye Wood`s Quilting and Sewing
Kaye Wood is one of the most noted quilt designers in the country and hostess of the longest running quilting program on Public Television.

Quilting with Judy Martin
Judy Martin has designed more original patterns than anyone in history. She has made a 30-year career out of giving quilters the patterns, tools, and guidance to do their very best work.

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