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Crazy quilt fabrics?

Strike a Balance

Try to include a variety of colors, textures and fabric prints in your crazy quilt blocks. If you plan to do a lot of embroidery, you may want to use more solid colors, but do try to add a little more interest by including some prints, too.

Fabrics for crazy quilts?

Try Anything Once

Don't feel restricted when choosing fabrics for a crazy quilt project. Since most of these pieces are small and not in need of frequent laundering, you are free to include any of the most exotic and unusual fabrics.

How do I make a Crazy Quilt?

What Makes a Crazy Quilt so Special?

Crazy quilts are usually heavily embellished with embroidery stitches, beads, charms and other handwork. More is usually better in this case.

How do I make a Crazy Quilt?

Why do they call them Crazy Quilts?

Crazy quilts are generally made without a set design or pattern. The final assembly does not include the usual quilting stitches or batting.

Where do I find embelishments for my crazy quilts?

Use Your Imagination

Don't limit yourself to quilt shops when you are shopping for items to add to your crazy quilt blocks. Try stores that carry items for beadworking, needlepoint, cross stitch or knitting. Can you come up any other suggestions?

What kind of fabric is best for a crazy quilt foundation?

Foundation Choices

The most popular choice for a crazy quilt foundation fabric is muslin, but any lightweight fabric can be used. Be sure to choose a tightly woven fabric, though, to prevent distortion.

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