Charity Quilt Projects Tips

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Can charity quilts be embellished?

Safety First

When making baby or crib quilts, avoid using buttons or loose ribbons that might eventually work loose and pose a choking hazard to a young child.

Animal charity?

Hugs for Homeless Animals

Hugs for Homeless Animals works to collect and donate small quilted, knit or crocheted "Snuggles" to line the bottom of animal shelter cages. Several simple patterns are available online.

I can´t make an entire quilt--can I still help a charity?

Can't Make a Quilt? You Can Still Help

If you are not able to make a finished quilt for charity, consider donating unfinished quilt blocks or tops, batting or backing fabric to groups that have volunteers to complete a project.

What are the best fabric choices for charity quilt projects?

Fabric Choices

Keep convenience and practicality in mind when making fabric choices for donated quilts. Good quality, 100% cotton, washable fabrics are the best choices for items that will receive frequent machine washings.

Can you suggest a free quilt pattern for charity?

Try a String Quilt Block

Victoriana Quilters has a free string piecing pattern that is perfect for a quick charity quilt. The diagrams provided make this block a snap to complete, even for a beginner.

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