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How can I choose fabrics for a scrap quilt?

Scrappy Quilt Tip

If you are having trouble with fabric placement in a scrap quilt, try placing your cut pieces into a brown paper bag. Pull out the pieces from the bag without peeking and use whatever comes up next. You may come up with some odd combinations, but they should look great when the quilt is completed.

Do red fabrics need special handling?

Watch Those Reds!

The dyes used to create red fabrics are notorious for running when washed. Take extra care to prewash these fabrics separately until no more red shows in the rinse water.

What type of fabric should I use to make a quilt?

Fabric Choices

Just about any type of fabric can be used in a quilt, but if you are just getting started, you will want to stick with a good quality 100% cotton fabric. Avoid fabrics that are too thin--they will easily stretch out of shape.

Which batting is best for hand quilting?

Hand Quilting = Thin Batting

Make your quilting life easier by choosing a low-loft batting if you plan to do your quilting by hand.

What is the best type of iron for piecing?

Invest in a Quality Iron

One of your most important tools is the iron you use as you are piecing your blocks. My favorite type of iron is as heavy as possible. The more weight in your iron, the less pressure you need to use on your fabric. This lessens the chance of stretching and distorting your seam allowances.

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