Quilt History and Preservation Tips

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What can I do if my quilt is lost or stolen?

Lost Quilts?

If you have had a quilt lost or stolen, be sure to check out the information at Lost Quilt Come Home. In addition to offering listings for lost quilt, the site also contains several articles about protecting your quilt at home and during shipping.

How do I safely store a quilt?

Acid-Free Storage

The safest technique for storing a quilt that is not being displayed is to wrap the quilt in acid-free tissue and place it into an archival storage box. Support any folded areas with rolls of tissue to prevent creases. Remove from the box every few months and refold so the creases aren't always in the same areas of the quilt.

How should a quilt be hung on the wall?

Support Your Quilt

When planning for a quilt to be hung on the wall, be sure to include extra fabric for a hanging sleeve. This tube of fabric should run the entire width of the quilt and be deep enough to accept the dowel or rod that will be attached to the wall.

Will sunlight harm my quilt?

No Sunny Spots, Please

Quilts, old or new, should never be displayed in a sunny area. Sunlight will cause premature fading of the quilt colors.

Quilt lecturer?

Linda Otto Lipsett

Linda Otto Lipsett is a noted quilt historian, author and lecturer. Check this link for more information about her books and lectures.

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