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What are some good online resources for quilting?

Great Online Quilting Sites

Here is a list of some great quilting-related web sites you can visit. Hope you get as much out of them as I have:

WorldWide Quilting Page
This site isn`t the prettiest out there, but it does offer some great information. Check it out at:

Quilting at About.com
This site is run by Susan Druding, and is chock-full of great advice, articles, and even a quilting forum so you can make new quilting friends online.

Kaye Wood`s Quilting and Sewing
Kaye Wood is one of the most noted quilt designers in the country and hostess of the longest running quilting program on Public Television.

Quilting with Judy Martin
Judy Martin has designed more original patterns than anyone in history. She has made a 30-year career out of giving quilters the patterns, tools, and guidance to do their very best work.

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Accurate Rotary Cutting

When rotary cutting, it is important to have your holding hand near the cutting hand to keep the ruler from slipping. If you are holding the ruler in place at one end and cutting at the other end, the ruler can
slip. Also, if your arms are tired from too much measuring and cutting, it can lead to inaccurate cutting that you will have to fight when you sew the patches together. A way to avoid arm fatigue is to do two projects at once: one cutting and one quilting or machine piecing. Then, when you start to tire, you can switch to the other project.

What kind of fabric is best for a crazy quilt foundation?

Foundation Choices

The most popular choice for a crazy quilt foundation fabric is muslin, but any lightweight fabric can be used. Be sure to choose a tightly woven fabric, though, to prevent distortion.

What is the best type of iron for piecing?

Invest in a Quality Iron

One of your most important tools is the iron you use as you are piecing your blocks. My favorite type of iron is as heavy as possible. The more weight in your iron, the less pressure you need to use on your fabric. This lessens the chance of stretching and distorting your seam allowances.

Presser foot for applique?

Applique Presser Foot

An open-toe presser foot is an inexpensive notion that will make it much easier for you to produce a smooth line of stitching. The open area provides space for the zig-zag stitching and keeps the threads from getting caught on the underneath side of the foot.

Applique threads?

Threads for Applique

Choose quilting thread carefully for machine applique. Colors can blend or contrast depending on the look you want to achieve. If you are doing invisible applique, be sure to choose the flexible monofilament thread especially made for applique.

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