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Do you have any tips for invisibile applique stitches?

Applique Stitches

Practice keeping your stitches as small as possible. Your goal is to have no stitches visible from the front side of your project. Give your thread a slight tug from the underneath side and the fabric should "roll" over cover the stitch just completed.

Applique notions?

Keep Those Pins Short

If you prefer to pin baste your applique pieces, be sure to get some fine, short pins. Using regular sewing pins will lead to the frustration of having your thread get caught up in the pins. The fine pins will also leave holes that are much less noticeable.

Applique notions?


Roxanne's Glue-Baste-It is a water soluble glue that comes in a fine-tipped bottle for precise application.

How do I choose thread colors for applique?

Thread Color

When choosing threads to use for hand applique, match thread color to the applique you are about to apply.

Machine applique?

Make a Test Sample

Before beginning a machine applique session, set up your machine with the thread you plan to use. Cut some scraps of your fabrics and use them to test the tension on your machine before you sew on your actual quilt pieces.

Applique threads?

Threads for Applique

Choose quilting thread carefully for machine applique. Colors can blend or contrast depending on the look you want to achieve. If you are doing invisible applique, be sure to choose the flexible monofilament thread especially made for applique.

Presser foot for applique?

Applique Presser Foot

An open-toe presser foot is an inexpensive notion that will make it much easier for you to produce a smooth line of stitching. The open area provides space for the zig-zag stitching and keeps the threads from getting caught on the underneath side of the foot.

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