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Are there web sites available for British quilters?

Celia Eddy's QuiltStory

This U.K. based online magazine includes a large collection of articles and book reviews about various aspects of quilting. A message board and penpal board are also available.

How do I find magazines for quilters?

The Quilter

The Quilter publishes seven issues per year. The web site offers online subscriptions, free projects, a quilt shop directory and a message board.

Quilting magazine?

The Quiltmaker

The Quiltmaker is a bi-monthly sister publication to Quilter's Newsletter. The focus of The Quiltmaker is on patterns, with few how-to type articles.

How do I find magazines for quilters?

Quilter's Newsletter

Quilter's Newsletter is the top quilting magazine on the market. This prestigious publication has an extensive web presence with article previews, free patterns and quilt show calendar.

Quilting magazines?

Chitra Publications

Chitra Publications, publishers of Quilting Today,
Traditional Quiltworks and Miniature Quilts magazines, offers free patterns, articles, and subcription information.

How can I find online articles related to quilting?

Quilter's Review

Sharon Darling's Quilter's Review is a weekly email newsletter and web site that contains articles and reviews about the latest quilting books and products.

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