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How do I decide on batting?

Choose the Correct Batting

The many choices of batting for your quilt can be a little overwhelming. Planet Patchwork has an excellent article that describes the various types of batting and their uses in quilts and wallhangings.

Why should I label my quilt?

Label Your Quilts!

One of the most important steps in finishing a quilt is to include a label. At a minimum, include your name, hometown and the date so your grandchildren and their children won't have to wonder who made that gorgeous quilt. Many people also include personal messages if the quilt is to be given as a gift.

Do you have any tips for speeding the quilting process?

Keep Extra Needles Handy

When starting a new quilting session, thread several quilting needles. This saves time and will allow you to work more efficiently.

Bias binding?

Bias Binding

Bias-cut binding is much more flexible and is easier to apply, especially if the outer edge of your quilt is curved. Rita Denenberg has an excellent tutorial with illustrations on how to cut and apply strips of bias binding.

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